In high school, I wanted to join the Naval Academy and serve my country. After several heated discussions with my parents, I ended up going to college and not joining the service. Then 9-11 happened and that feeling of need to serve my country came rushing back to me. After changing my major several times, I graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Business Management, and I still knew that I wanted to join the service, only this time I joined the Michigan Army National Guard.

During my seven plus years in the service, I deployed to Afghanistan as Military Police (MP). While I served my time, I learned that you give all that you have, you don’t get to half ass anything. Doing your own thing or not following the rules and guidelines will result in casualties. I realized that I am dedicated and have been told that I work too hard. I give 200 percent to everything I do. I believe in following the rules, and changing the rules to make things safe, fair, and ethical for everyone.

In the last five years, I feel that government is out of touch with the things I find important like education, infrastructure, common sense gun regulations and a fair balanced budget, just to name a few. These things are unacceptable and need immediate modifications to keep American competitive in today’s world and that starts in our own state government. Instead of cutting taxes due to the surplus we need to improve education, roads, safety and shore up the Rainy-Day Fund for the next economic downturn.


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