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Kristina Lodovisi is running for Michigan State Senate, District 9. In the short time since she has declared her candidacy, she has been the underdog; she has been counted out. She was told it is "To Bad" she's running against some experienced politicians.  It has been said she is not qualified, since she has not previously held an elected office and since she is new to politics, her lack of experience with how things operate in Lansing Michigan will be too overwhelming.  It was said she is not qualified, because she is a Mom, a Woman, and Not a Lawyer. She was told to "just stick to running for school board and let someone experienced run for the bigger offices." However, her lack of experience in politics does not mean she is not qualified to be a a Michigan State Senator.


Kristina Lodovisi is Not afraid to work hard, for you

Throughout her life, Kristina has never backed away from rolling up her sleeves and getting her hands dirty to get the job done. She has worked in restaurants, lead landscaping crews, done snow removal, roofing and retail, just to name a few. She has worked both sides of the workforce, being as the employee and in management. Kristina was a Soldier in the Michigan Army National Guard and deployed to Afghanistan, she is no stranger to life or death situations. She understands the struggles of Veterans, because her friends, husband and herself have struggled as a Veteran. Kristina has driven hours in the middle of the night to save a fellow Soldier from committing suicide and has attended the funerals of Soldiers who have died way to young! Kristina understands the struggles of law enforcement officers, she has worked as one in garrison as a Military Police Officer an her husband is a law enforcement officer as well. Kristina has experienced loosing law enforcement officer friends in the Line of Duty, because "experienced" politicians could not get common sense gun laws passed that would prohibit a mentally unstable person with a violent past from purchasing a riffle. Yet, the hardest job she has had of all is being a mother. Wondering and worrying how everything she says and does will affect her children.

Kristina Lodovisi knows What you want, what you need

As a woman Kristina represents the majority of the state, yet she would be a minority within the State Senate. Since, the State Senate currently only has four females, of which three are term limited, including the only woman democrat. She knows what the average working person wants, what the blue collar working person needs; she has been there before, those are her friends and family. Kristina knows the importance of unions, her father and husband are union members. Kristina knows how the choices in Lansing affect small businesses, her Grandfather and Uncles own a small business. Kristina knows the importance of a good education, early childhood education, and quality affordable childcare; these are the things that affect her everyday life. Kristina knows the struggle that parents go through trying to help their children with Common Core Math; she helps other parents understand the methods, so they can help their children. Kristina sees the challenges facing teachers every day, because she volunteers most of her time working with Girl Scout, PTO, and Parent Volunteer. Kristina interacts with other parents on a daily basis, which allows her to understand their concerns and frustration with academics in Michigan. Kristina works regularly with teachers and school administrators, so she knows their uneasiness about policy and laws created in Lansing. Some of her closest friends are teachers; she regularly hears their struggles to balance Lansing rules, parental expectations and their desire to educate children. Kristina understands how student debt is crushing the ability of young people to be successful, her husband is STILL paying off college debt, despite joining the military to defray a large portion of his college bills. Kristina also knows that she does not know everything.

 Kristina working with Girl Scout Troop 76104 on building Little Libraries to be put up throughout the community.

Kristina working with Girl Scout Troop 76104 on building Little Libraries to be put up throughout the community.

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Kristina Lodovisi will fight for you

Kristina will listen to what the people want and need, so she can lookout for their best interest. She will work with fellow Senators and Representatives on both sides of the aisles to get things done in Lansing. If things fail to get done, she will stand up and shout if need be, to bring attention to the lack of action in the legislator. It's true that she has not spent the last 20 years, since graduating high school, in politics. Instead Kristina spent that time building a well-rounded life and gaining the experiences that will take her to the State Senate, so she can speak for the majority of people who feel they do not have a voice that will fight for them in Lansing.