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Gun Safety

The National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) is a federal system used for background checks to purchase firearms. Michigan does not share  mental health information with NICS that would prohibit a person from purchasing a firearm. To purchase a handgun a person is required to get a purchase permit which goes through a Michigan State Police Point of Contact background check. The State Police have access to LEIN, an in-state data base that includes limited mental illness information, however for a long gun (Think AR-15) Michigan only requires a NICS check. This allows people who should not have guns to purchase assault rifles anywhere in the U.S., and allows them to purchase a handgun outside of Michigan. As Senator I will fight for legislation the will require mental health information to be share with NICS to help prevent mentally unstable individuals from purchasing any firearms.


Michigan currently only requires a NICS check on the purchase of long guns and requires no checks at all for the private sale of a long gun or shot gun. As your Senator I will push for gun regulations that require Point of Contact background checks for all fire arm sales and weapon registration for all hand guns and assault style rifles in Michigan.



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Civil Rights

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Women's Rights

A woman has the right to decided what is best for her body. Funding for Planned Parenthood and similar women’s health organization are essential to ensure women receive affordable women’s healthcare to include breast exams, cervical cancer screenings, pap test, LGBT services as well as men’s health services and to educate individuals on how to take care of their bodies. When I am State Senator I will fight for a woman’s right to do what is best for her body and health.

Budget and taxes

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Veterian Affairs

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