Kristina Lodovisi

A Volunteer, A veteran, a mother

Kristina Lodovisi

Will work hard to represent the people of Warren.


About Kristina Lodovisi

Growing up in Macomb County and raising her family in Warren, Kristina has always been a part of a hard working blue collar family. She knows the struggles of the day to day working family.

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What Kristina will fight for

Kristina Lodovisi may be new to politics, but she is not new to standing up for what is right. She fought for our country in Afghanistan and she will continue to fight for all of us. Kristina is running because there are too many stalemates in our government today, which is why:

  • Our education system is deteriorating.

  • Our roads are crumbling.

  • People who should not have guns continue to kill innocent people.

Kristina Lodovisi will push for laws that protect every Michigander's rights.


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